As we kickoff the new year, John Embry told King World News that ‘Deep State’ sponsored bullion bank attacks in the gold and silver markets are now failing.  This should set the stage for a wild 2018.

 (King World News) – John Embry:  “Happy New Year, Eric, and I strongly suspect that for the holders of gold and silver bullion and their respective equities, it could finally be a very happy new year.  As you are aware, the entire precious metals complex has been under constant attack by the usual suspects since the prices peaked in 2011.  

If anything, this unrelenting suppression scheme intensified in the latter stages of 2017.  A perfect example of the extent of this activity occurred on the last trading day, December 29th of 2017, when on a quiet day the gold Open Interest on Comex rose by over 20,000 contracts — representing more than 2 million notional ounces as gold finally recovered to the $1,300 level.  What legitimate in his right mind would short this much gold at these levels on a quiet, single trading day?…

king-world-news-john-embry-deep-state-attacks-in-the-gold-silver-markets-are-now-failingDeep States Attacks In Gold & Silver Markets Now Failing
Make no mistake, this activity is being undertaken by the large bullion banks, under the instructions of the Western governments, orchestrated through the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), as they attempt to obscure the hyperinflationary aspects of their monetary policies.  It has gone on for so long in the face of relentless monetary debasement globally, that the precious metals — gold, silver and platinum — are now so mispriced in relation to virtually every other asset on the planet that it has literally become a bad joke.

There is no better example of the extent of this activity than the price disparity between platinum — deemed a precious metal by the anti-gold cartel — and palladium.  This two metals have similar industrial uses and basic fundamentals.  Roughly a decade ago, platinum spiked to $2,200, while palladium languished around $500 or $600.  Today the palladium price exceeds that of platinum by more than $100.  That is no accident, and it just illustrates the power of the ‘Deep State’ up to this point in time.

However, I think the worm is finally turning because Eastern demand for precious metals, particularly gold, is slowly overwhelming the Western central banks.  Despite official statistics and the constant rhetoric of Western central banks that suggest that inflation is too low, inflation is now rearing its ugly head virtually everywhere.  Just look at food prices, healthcare prices, housing, and especially financial assets, and it is abundantly clear that their reckless policies in the wake of the 2007-2008 financial debacle has set up the world for an even worse disaster this time……more here