That “radical” religion called the “Western Culture of War”

  That “radical” religion called the “Western Culture of War”

Once again we have irrefutable proof that America’s ( & by extension the Western world) true plans are to demonize and then destroy Islam by propaganda and war. They use false flags, psy-ops, stooges, propaganda through media outlets and other forms of theater for a powerful effect to justify there policy of destabilization and destruction.

They will willfully and willingly stage the slaughter of a few dozen of their own citizens and propagandize it to maximum effects to blame Muslims and Islam to justify their crusades into foreign lands to steal the resources, overthrow governments, occupy strategic and minerally rich lands, and subjugate and balkanize nations under the pretext of fighting terror and “defending their freedoms and way of life.”

9/11 George Bush – This Crusade Is Gonna Take A While ( Sept 17 2001)

All of these things are bogus and would not survive the slightest investigation. This is the truth. I dare any and everyone who will, to challenge it.

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