A symbol of “American Decline” – This is how the world sees you America

A symbol of “American Decline” – This is how the world sees you America

Yes you are watching the demise of Empire. Yes you are watching the fall of America in real time. I now ask you, are you willing to accept the truth of what is taking place right in front of your eyes or all you going to allow this beast to deceive you about the actual events underway?

Think about it for a second. Decades ago the nations were afraid to buck up against the empire. Now not only are people in foreign lands doing it, but their leaders are openly challenging America’s policies and her true intentions.

This is amazing don’t you think? America’s global standing has tanked. Her global position as the unrivaled global hegemon is no more.

  No one can honestly tell you that prophecy is not being fulfilled and that you are not seeing the great super power in decline. The truth is too clear

   So…”With nations rejecting peace offers and nations laughing and making mock of you for ever seeking peace and friendship — as it is written, ‘Peace is desired more than fine gold!’

Now to see all of these things coming to pass — things that we did not know that we would see. We did not know that we would see such a Goliath — such a giant — falling.

 Goliath! who has defied the nations of the earth t come out and fight with them, as Goliath did before Israel. Now, nations make mock of the great giant of the earth, America.

 The sword within and the sword without! Trouble seems to have no end.”-pg.255(tfoa)

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