The US Empire Is Sinking Fast In “Central Asian” Quicksand

  The US Empire Is Sinking Fast In “Central Asian” Quicksand

Contrary to the US President, his administration, and the Western news/propaganda organs, things are not going so well for America in her efforts in subjugating and occupying central Asia through Afghanistan. She is losing out and losing bad.

The costs are unbearable in blood, treasures, and human lives. It has become a noose around their imperial neck that is tightening with every deployment and bombing by the empire’s forces.

The politicians and military see these things and knows what is to come ,but they have you believing otherwise through their mouthpiece, the so-called media(mainstream and alternative.) She is definitely losing and suffering loss after loss after loss.

She wants to stay their to prevent her decline and fall from global power. But in reality and in all truth, the odds are against her staying there. Prophecy is against it.

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