The Bloodshed to come: America(& Europe’s) moves to recolonize & subjugate a rising Africa

The Bloodshed to come: America moves to recolonize & subjugate a rising Africa

You thought that it was just speculation and conspiracy when we kept telling you that America was preparing false flags to justify her true intentions and plans on recolonization of Africa. Now you are getting a look into it.

There can be no denying that America is trying to occupy Africa under the guise of “fighting terror!” The same terror that she was instrumental in founding ,promoting, and giving life to. It doesn’t add up.

How can you train, fund, empower, control, arm, direct, and aid terror organizations using them to advance your goals and policy directives, yet at the same time you proclaim that you are fighting these elements? Again it doesn’t add up.

You are a great deceiver but we are up on your deception. We recognize your nature and the things that you are prone to do. Your evil and deceit are natural bi-products of your making. They come out of you, your government, and your people just as easily and smoothly as a web comes out of a spider.

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