Here is one of the most important events of this summer as China is beginning “to tie down sources of supply worldwide.”

Eric King:  “Rick, it’s been an interest summer to say the least.  I know that you just held a big conference.  What’s happening out there with investor sentiment and where are we in the gold bull market?”

Valley Of The Shadow Of Death
Rick Rule:  “From my point of view, we’re in a great market now.  Certainly we went through the Valley of the Shadow of Death in 2015.  2016 saw a very strong market in the gold stocks, and then the gold stocks of course tapered off.  We’re seeing continued gold strength even in the face of, until recently, a strong US dollar, which is always a bullish sign.  And from my viewpoint, better yet, the gold equities lagged while gold itself did well, creating what we see as a ‘catchup circumstance.’  …….More Here