The world awakens to American lies & hypocrisy

  The world awakens to American lies & hypocrisy

With pride she demands that other nations must conform to her policies or else suffer the wrath of empire through regime change, color revolutions, sanctions, destabilization programs, false flag attacks, and open war. No matter what she feels as though she is justified in her imperial policies.

This will not stand. It only stands to alienate nations, peoples, and governments the world over. Even her allies are now working covertly to extricate themselves from the clutches of imperial rule.

She cannot be trusted period. Those who are willing to trust her must also be willing to suffer the fate of all those who fell victim to trusting the global viper.

…”The world knows that, “America wants everyone to help her bemoan all of her set-backs but when she causes others to fall…breaks up the countries of other peoples and destroys their independence and freedom, she laughs and prides herself as doing a great thing. She puts her feet upon their economic neck and destroys their independence as a nation.

  All this now returns to America. The little nations are now awake. They had looked for true friendship from America but instead America deceived them.”-pg.110(tfoa)

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