Russia’s armed forces have started talks with the country’s missile manufacturer to upgrade the range and precision of its nuclear capable Iskander-M missiles, according to reports.

State news agency RIA Novosti reported a statement from the Ministry of Defense, explaining that it sought more accurate versions with a longer range:“A meeting between the chief of the missile troops and artillery with representatives of the military-industrial complex, to discuss issues of increasing the combat capabilities of the Iskander-M complex, through the creation of new types of missiles of increased range and accuracy in combat of the missiles used by the missile system of the army.”

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The missile is Russia’s post-Soviet replacement for its Tochka system, designed for tactical strikes on small, high-value land targets. The military is set to replace the aging system across Russia by 2020 as part of an ongoing refurbishment and improvement scheme.

Russia’s decision last year to deploy of the Iskander-M to Kaliningrad—a region bordering Poland and Lithuania—prompted concern among both NATO allies, particularly because the system is nuclear capable.

Michael Kofman, Russian arms expert at the CNA Corporation and a fellow at the Kennan Institute, Woodrow Wilson International Center, notes that this deployment is set to take place over the next two years, though on the face of it “there is very little special about the Iskander.”……more here