(Video) UN: 2016 to be hottest year on record

  2-15-global-temps-638x400“You tell me you don’t like the Black God!

  He speaks, Brothers; His Desires come to pass. He takes His Enemy, folds him up with the power of nature , and makes him beg to be let go. He speaks to His treasures of snow in the North. He tells them to “Roll down on my Enemy.” – Here they come!

  He lifts up the clouds from the Earth that He made and the water that He made on it and bears them up to a certain height and tells them to pour it back down. Can you do that? This is the Black man doing that.

  He drowns out His Enemy; floods His Enemy out; takes His Sun; “I made you, Ball of Fire, 853,000 miles in diameter. Sun, go out there and burn up the crops; they don’t like Me. Burn up that grass out there that their cattle are eating.” And the cattle begin to grit their teeth towards the Sun, begging for more rain. The Sun says, “I have orders from my Master; settle it with us.”

UN: 2016 to be hottest year on record

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