US plans massive nuclear ‘first strike’ on Russia (& China) by 2016


1stCan you not see just how corrupt and wicked the government and nation of America is? She is not to be trusted under any circumstances. She is an enemy to all. It matters not whether she is a so-called ally or an enemy.

2nd She is against all who oppose her policies. She is evil to the core and this is one of the reasons why she will be the first nation destroyed by God in person. No , He is not going to let any other nation completely destroy her or take her land at this time.

3rd It is He, Allah in person, who is going to deal with her to show the world that He alone is the power and there is no other besides him….” We are in a world that is falling. It will soon be going up in flames. In Berlin, Germany, the cold war between the East and West will soon erupt into a hot war. It will never be settled in peace. East and West Germany must and will fight it out with all the deadly weapons that the war-scientists have planned and perfected for the final showdown.”–pg.172(tfoa)

  The Truthseeker: US plans ‘first strike’ on Russia (E40)

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One Response to US plans massive nuclear ‘first strike’ on Russia (& China) by 2016

  1. Jes

    June 8, 2014 at 3:29 pm

    what alot of nonsense there is no bad blood between east and west germany

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