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races of man. black gods
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Godfrey Higgins


(Volume I [867 pages], Volume II [525 pages])

Page 362
If the latter should be the state of the case, as maintained by Mr. Ruish of Petersburg, who professes to exhibit the Rete-mucosum by which the blackness is produced in the Negro, then I should suppose that there have been various races of red and white as well as the black one; but, that the originals of all the Gods have been of the black race, of the class of the followers of Cristna, after the black race had become improved into the shape in which we find him—that, by the handsome black males constantly uniting with the most handsome black females, their progeny increased in beauty till it arrived at the degree of perfection which we find in Cristna; that the pontifical government did originally consist of this race, and that, in the East, the entire population consisting of this race, it continues black—still retains the rete-mucosum—though for the reasons before given by me, it is improved in shape : but that, in the West, to which it sent out numerous tribes, it mixed with the white races, the remains of the inhabitants before the flood, called aborigines, the rich and powerful gradually marrying with the handsomest of the white races, till the whole race of the worshipers of the black God became white. We have daily experience of the black races, by this process, becoming white; but we have no example of the white race going back to the black. I pretend not to shew the cause of this latter circumstance, which is a fact—but the mere fact itself. This seems to shew that the aborigines were more numerous than the black colonies from the East; but this is, perhaps, no more than might be expected. … That the Buddhists were Negroes, the icons of the God clearly prove….

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Re: races of man. black gods
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Salaam—This is a re-post. Our Brother SOL is right , there are 3 things WE MUST KNOW. Here is #1, the knowledge of WHO WE ARE.

“Without the knowledge of the history of our people before the making of the white race, you will never be able to really understand who God is.” Messenger Elijah Muhammad(pbuh)

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