NOLA police indicted for shooting man, burning his corpse inside vehicle


                         Edna Glover holds a portrait of her son, Henry Glover, whose charred remains were found behind a police station. (Credit: Chandra McCormick & Keith Calhoun)…..this excerpt was taken from chp.1,”The Fall Of America————–,” Now we are one hundred years up from slavery Many of you feel proud that you have been schooled. You have a few diplomas and degrees. You can do little things educationally, but that does not get you justice in America. You still suffer injustice with an armful of diplomas and degrees from colleges and universities. Is that right? If that is not right, I am willing that you shoot me down, cut me down, anyway you please to get rid of me, if I am not right. If I am right, be aware! What we want today is justice. We want the truth. The truth has come to you. You are not accepting it. Think it over! Here are a few of us who have accepted God to be our Lord. We have accepted Islam to be our religion — an old religion, as old as God, Himself; a religion of the prophets, of all the righteous; a religion of freedom, justice and equality; a religion of universal brotherhood: a religion that a brother will fight and die for his brother; a religion that believes in the law that was given to Moses. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth !

    Look at Christianity. That law is killed. Why? Because the devil did not want you to strike back at him. Therefore, they condemned an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth in their Christian religion because twenty million so-called Negroes might get an eye for an eye. That is nothing but the common law of justice. If you pluck out my eye, I should try and pluck out yours. But you have been made such harmless slaves by the teaching of a slavery religion called Christianity which teaches you to love, not to strike back, but to turn the other cheek. It teaches you to give freedom to the robber. If he takes one’s coat then give him the cloak also. Help the robber to rob. Enrich the thief. That is the kind of religion that you are taught to believe. That is God’s religion? I say my friends, it is a slavery teaching! It is against the very nature of you and me to stand and let someone smite us on one side of the cheek and then we turn with enough love — I would say cowardice — in us the unsmote cheek to the smiter. You can’t do that! It is against the law of nature. America can’t do it. When America’s cheek is struck by an enemy, she prepares her army to strike back. The Christian government of America can’t do it. The Pope of Rome can’t do it. If you and I don’t wake up to that knowledge and execute the law of an eye for an eye, we might as well be dead and forgotten.

    It is better for you and me to just go and commit suicide than for the enemy to come in our homes and drag us down, drag our daughters out, beat, lynch. and rape them while we stand by looking. If you and I are deprived of justice, if the federal government will not punish our murderers and our rapers. I say to you. we must get together and find someway to punish them ourselves!”——-now read below

NOLA police indicted for shooting man, burning his corpse inside vehicle

When I began investigating the mysterious death of Henry Glover, one of the most notable aspects of the case was the lack of documents.

Here was a New Orleans resident found incinerated in a car just a few hundred feet from a police station in September 2005, shortly after Hurricane Katrina. Yet there was no sign that anyone in authority had ever conducted any sort of investigation.  The New Orleans Police Department told me in 2008 that they knew absolutely nothing about Glover’s demise.

Today’s indictment suggests that was not true. The 11-count indictment accuses police officers of shooting Glover and torching his corpse, physically attacking his brother and another man, and then attempting to conceal it all.

What’s most striking about the charging documents is what they do not address: The extraordinary number of officers in the department who were likely aware of these events as they unfolded.

To recap:

David Warren, the former officer indicted for allegedly shooting Glover with a .223 rifle round, was accompanied by another officer when he fired the shot.

At that point, a man named William Tanner tried to help Glover, driving him and his brother to seek medical assistance at an elementary school that had been commandeered by a SWAT team of officers. (Tanner didn’t know that Glover had allegedly been shot by a police officer.)

The SWAT officers at the school failed to provide Glover with any medical assistance. Instead, prosecutors say, Lt. Dwayne Scheuermann and Officer Greg McRae “kicked and hit” Tanner and Glover’s brother, Edward King, without cause.

Numerous – possibly dozens – of other officers were likely present at the site of the alleged beatings. In an interview this week, a SWAT officer told me 50 to 60 cops were camped out at the school at any given time in the days after Katrina. (The officer declined to comment directly on the Glover matter.)

After Glover died, prosecutors say in the indictment, Scheuermann and McRae set fire to Glover’s body as it sat inside Tanner’s 2001 Chevrolet Malibu, which was parked on a Mississippi River levee.

That spot lies a remarkably short distance from the NOPD’s 4th District headquarters. All my reporting shows many other officers were aware that a man had been reduced to ashes there—it’s hard to fathom how cops stationed a few hundred feet away could have failed to notice such an inferno.

Yet none of these officers apparently saw fit to speak out about what happened at the time, or to alert superiors to possible misconduct by their peers.

When I began looking into Glover’s death, nobody at NOPD had conducted any sort of probe—in fact the burnt car was still sitting in the weeds just down the street from the police station.

His mother, Edna Glover, told me she’d gone to the department and made a police report, but had never received any real help in uncovering what became of her son. In the months to come, perhaps she’ll finally get a full accounting.

And hopefully, somewhere along the way somebody will ask the question: Who else within the NOPD knew about the sad and horrible death of Henry Glover?

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