Book Of The Week:The Making Of The Whiteman

Submitted By Ahmed K. El-Shabazz

This book of Mr. Guthrie is a very well documented study concerning the history of the so-called white-race, that proves that the Messenger Elijah Muhammad’s(pbuh) teachings on the making of the white-race is true and exact! The American whites are #1 group of people who should read this book today. This history is well known among the Black Nation.  Mr. Guthrie wrote:

” This book examines a series of events that took place long ago in around the region of the Near East. Those events include the disruption of civilization, the sudden arrival of white people in the vicinity of the Caucasus Mountains and what happened 2,000 years later when they unexpectedly came out of the hills and attacked the centers of civilization. By examining these events we will be able to better determine to what extent the facts of history agree with the teachings of Elijah Muhammad.”

The Making of the Whiteman: From the Original Man to the Whiteman

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