WHO ARE 144,000?


Submitted By Ahmed K. El-Shabazz

The following is a essay written by the Messenger Elijah Muhammad(pbuh) which appeared in the Pittsburgh Courier on 20, October 1956, concerning the 144,000.

THIS number is mentioned in the Bible (Rev. 14:1) as being the number of the first believers in Allah (God) and His messenger.The messenger is called a lamb due to certain characteristics of his (the messenger) being similar to that of a sheep, and the tender love of Allah for Him like that of a good shepherd towards his sheep.

Though the love of Allah (God) for the so-called Negroes is not equaled by anyone. Describing us as sheep is about the best way of putting it, as sheep are dumb, ignorant and humble, not aggressive.

They will not fight even if attacked by the wolf. So, are the so-called Negroes and Allah has to do the fighting for them.

Let us understand what we are reading. It is prophecy in symbolic of the future that was seen in a vision by Yakub, the father of the white race, which he saw on the Isle of Patmos or Pelah 6,000 years ago. He was warning his people that which would come to them at the end of their time.

THE NUMBER (144,000), in mathematics means a SQUARE which is a perfect answer for the spiritual work of Allah (God) with that number of people.

They are the first (Negro) converts from among the wicked to Allah (God and His Messenger, referred to as the first ripe fruit (the first of the righteous) unto God and the Lamb, in verse 4 of the same chapter. They are righteous enough (ripe) to be picked out of the wicked race to be used for the purpose of squaring the nations of earth into righteousness.

After the righteous black nation has labored under the wicked rule of the devils for 6,000 years, the return to a righteous ruler, under the God of Righteousness, the people must be reorganized to live under such government.

The All Wise God Allah to Whom praise is due, Who came in the person of Master W.F. Muhammad, seeking us, the lost and last members of a chosen nation, is building a new world of Islam out of the old.

Therefore, He lays the base of His Kingdom with a square number of MATHEMATICS TRUTH.

His New World of Islam (Kingdom of Peace) can be proven mathematically step by step, which we all know that mathematics is truth.

He (Allah) uses the square made of them (the so-called Negroes) who He redeemed from among men (the Caucasian race); they were not defiled with women (the women other than their own kind).

This number (144,000) will be made up of all the so-called American Negroes who have been the merchandise of the American whites for 400 years.

They now must be redeemed by Allah (God) for them to be free according to the Law of Justice, and become the Servants of their Own god (Allah) again. The so-called Negroes should shout to learn of this DIVINE TRUTH.

The Revelator didn’t see a single one of the Caucasian race in the number (144,000). He (Allah) gave the number of the beast in the previous chapter (Rev. 13:18) as the NUMBER SIX, which is the true number of the Caucasian race, or the Man of Sin.

The Bible says, “Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beasts.” After the coming of Allah (God), the symbolic beast and his number has been revealed, it is now understood.

THE NUMBER 144, the root is “12” and there are 12 Tribes, the 12 Imams the real answer.

Allah said we once had 13 Tribes, but one got lost. The number 144 will be the Stars of the Nation, and this number (144) multiplied by 12 equals a cube.

This number (144,000) so-called Negroes, under the guidance of Allah (God) Who came in the Person of Master W.F. Muhammad, will cube the whole nation of black mankind, into a nation of righteousness.

Write and get your name on the Nations Book of Life, as one of the brothers or sisters on the SQUARE (144,000).

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