US tests bio weapons on citizens


US tests bio weapons on citizens
The United States is using its citizens as guinea pigs to test biological weapons and simulate germ warfare attacks in different locations across the country, reports say.

With the spread of some unknown diseases in the US, speculations started soaring that Washington is engaged in covert biological warfare activities which involve the use of chemical and biological weapons against human beings.

According to Dr. Hanley Watson, a former military scientist, the US Army, “from 1950 to at least mid-1976” conducted “numerous experiments simulating biological or germ warfare attacks in dozens of locations across the country.”

“Previously these experiments were downplayed by the Pentagon as ‘harmless tests’ occurring in about 8 areas in the US and employing benign substances, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.”

In 1976 the Pentagon revealed in a press conference that the US army had conducted a series of “simulated germ warfare attacks, using non-disease [sic] causing biological substances in 8 areas of the US.”

The biological tests included a 1950 operation off the coast of San Francisco; a 1966 biological warfare experiment in Manhattan in which “the vulnerability of the New York subway system was tested”; and at least three tests conducted in Pennsylvania, Fort McClellan, Alabama, and California with “fungal substances” to “perform field evaluations to determine vulnerability to enemy biological attack.”

Reports in mid-1970s widely indicated that at least one person was perished in the San Francisco biological test.

Moreover, the 1952 Alabama experiments caused a hike in the spread of pneumonia cases in the surrounding neighborhoods.

However, the US army remained defiant, arguing that no clue had been found relating the experiments to the spread of infectious diseases or deaths.

“There is nothing we have that shows any links between these tests and any outbreak of infection or any deaths.”

According to Watson “The experiments conducted from the early 1950s through 1976 were many more in number than officially stated, and they were conducted in many more locations than the reported eight.”

“In the 1950s and 1960s alone there were easily about two dozen experiments conducted in the New England area,” added Watson.

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