School house croc: Alligator captured in kids cafeteria


School house croc: Alligator captured in kids cafeteria

An alligator measuring some two meters (six feet) was captured in a Florida middle school Monday, giving students and teachers the fright of their lives as the instructional day got underway.

The wayward reptile was found in the cafeteria at Stewart Middle School in Hillsborough County, in the southwestern coastal city of Tampa.

“He probably went in there on Friday after school, but before the gates were shut,” said Gary Morse, an official with Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Service, which was called to the building to capture the gator.

Officials said they were able to retrieve the alligator, which will be released in the wild, without incident.

It was not clear how the reptile got into the school building, but alligators have been known to flourish in the canals and swamps that abound across the Sunshine State.

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