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By Ahmed K. El-Shabazz I was thinking the other day: Even with a so-called “Black President” in office, we are still considered America’s #1 enemy. Did you know that ALLAH  wants to make the Black Nation in America a great nation, yet we want to continue to hold on to a dying man(White America)? Well, HE (ALLAH}does, but we seem to love this white devil American better than our own! Do you love yourself, your women, and children? If you say “YES”, then we should be about the business of doing something for our own self and kind BEFORE IT IS TO LATE!!
The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad(pbuh) wrote something in his book MESSAGE TO THE BLACK MAN, page 204 that really stood out, the Messenger wrote: ” IT IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT TO TEACH SEPARATION OF THE BLACKS AND WHITES IN AMERICA THAN PRAYER”. Why? Because. ” There is no such thing as living in peace with white Americans.”  Stand still and look around you, notice how crazy our people have become,  living under this devil, COPING AFTER HIS EVIL WAYS. The longer we stay with these devils, the more crazy acting our people will become, on top of the institutional racism buildt into the system that we all fight against  daily, including the first “Negro and Chief”, Mr. Obama!!
We had more land and towns of own own making in the 1920’s than we do today. Look up on this web site, the history of the ” Black Wall Street” in Tulsa, OK . This Black owned town had their own Bank, Post Office, Schools, bus company and Airport, they had some 600 Black owned businesses that provided all that they needed. They did not have to go to the white man FOR ANYTHING, the whites had to go to them! Now look at us today, begging this devil for jobs, AFTER college. This must and will stop. ALLAH said He would force us to go for self, by taking the white man from us. He is doing this now, the devils of America have run out of money, and their power is all but over. Famine, and war is coming to America, and we must move away from them and set up something for our own people. The American Government will not help their own people anymore, so do not look for them to help the Black communities of America. Remember Katrina ? Did America help the poor Blacks of New Orleans? No! Some people believe that the levees where blown up to flood the 9th ward and other Black communities. they help our people should something else happen? Don’t bet on it.We have suffered shame and death under the Cross and the Masonic  “Scars & Strips” from 1555 to this very hour. Do the math, and you will see that this has gone on for WAY too long!!

Mr. Marcus Garvey , the Noble Drew Ali, The Great Mahdi Muhammad(Master W. Fard Muhammad) and the Messenger Elijah Muhammad all warned us to leave America in mind and in some cases body before ALLAH removed America from the world. This is the time  they warned us of, THE FALL OF AMERICA, AND THE RAISE OF ISLAM. America will never be a Muslim state, so do not think the Muslim world will take over America. America, according to the Bible and the Holy Qur’an will be removed, never to raise again. So why go down with a nation of people that God is after? Shouldn’t we save ourselves for what ALLAH is bringing to America? We don’t owe America ANYTHING, America owes  the Black Nation for 310 years FREE LABOR and for the MURDER  of 200-600 MILLION BLACK MEN , WOMEN AND CHILDREN . And they will pay, willingly or un-willingly America will be forced to submit to  the BLACK MAN’S GOD!!!

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