Pyongyang: Cheonan was false-flag sinking


  Pyongyang: Cheonan was false-flag sinking
By Kim Myong Chol
(an “unofficial” spokesman of Kim Jong-il and North Korea)

With a huge electronic intelligence-gathering machine at its disposal, the Chinese Navy keeps a close watch on the movements of the United States Navy in the West Sea (Yellow Sea). China’s emerging blue-sea navy is confronted with the US Seventh Fleet across the West Sea, the East China Sea and the rest of the Pacific.

It is no wonder then that the Chinese navy’s intelligence arm could piece together an accurate account of the sinking of the South Korean corvette Cheonan with a loss of 46 lives in the early hours of March 26.

The Chinese findings may be one of the reasons why the Chinese

government has refused to support American and South Korean demand to join in sanctions against North Korea.

Their leakage indicates that despite its present neutrality, less prudent American or South Korean behavior may well prompt the Chinese government to have the navy make a bombshell official announcement implicating the US Navy.

In a highly significant development, the Chinese navy took the extraordinary step of quietly letting two American Internet sites know the findings of an independent technical assessment its naval intelligence arm made of the corvette’s sinking, which took place about 1 nautical mile (1.9 kilometers) off the south-west coast of Baengnyeong Island in the Yellow Sea.

Chinese findings
One of the US websites was the Washington-based investigative Wayne Madsen Report [1], while the other was New America Media, a California-based website that is the US’s largest coalition of ethnic media with over 2,500 partners [2].

New America Media posted an article on May 26, “Did an American Mine Sink South Korean Ship?”. The Madsen Report article, dated May 28, was entitled “Beijing Suspects False Flag Attack on South Korean Corvette.”

The NAM story said: “In the recent US-China strategic talks in Shanghai and Beijing, the Chinese side dismissed the official scenario presented by the Americans and their South Korean allies as not credible.”

The two articles basically agreed that a US mine ripped the Cheonan in two and sent the hapless South Korean corvette down to Davy Jones’ locker. But they differed in two key aspects; one was the type of the mine used in the friendly-fire attack – limpet or rising – and the other was the nature of the friendly fire, deliberate or inadvertent.

These differences are probably due to Chinese-English translations, identification of the blast or analysis of the motivations behind the incident among Chinese experts…..MORE OF THE ARTICLE HERE 

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