US hegemony in Middle East is ending



” Here in America we can see nothing but the fall of America. It is no secret. It is obvious to the eyes that are open. If we want to close our eyes and minds and claim that we do not see and understand, then we will be falling ourselves.

 This refusal to see is fool-hardy for regardless to how we may desire to see the old world stand, we do not have the power to stave off the destruction that causes the world of the white man to fall.

 The destruction and power that is bringing about the fall of the world of the white man is coming from Allah (God). In the past history of the world of the white man, there never was a time of destruction of his world like the present time.

 It is useless for you to try to prevent the fall of the white man’s world. There is no checking it. The white race has not tried to do the right thing…justice. The doing of justice would have checked her fall (Bible, Jeremiah). But America was never willing; and even at this hour she is not willing to do justice by those whom she has mistreated. She has dealt injustice to her Black once-slave for the nearly five hundred years that she has been in the Western Hemisphere.

 America has constantly burdened the poor Black slave with every evil that she could imagine. Her evil scientists who have invented more and more evil practices have not been able to invent anymore evil than that which they have already put out.

 Day and night without a let-up the white man mistreats the poor Black slave. Now since heaven and the God of Peace, Justice, Freedom and Equality has come to the Black slave, the white man is trying to make everyone that recognizes the truth deviate from it.

 The white man says,” Do not accept it.” He makes the Black man a hypocrite against his own salvation. The white man trails the ones who have not as yet accepted the truth of their salvation, and he promises them that which he will never be able to fulfill.

 America is falling. She is now losing the power and authority that she was enjoying in foreign lands. Her fall is very visible. Wherever her authority has been exercised the people are now crying out in one voice, “Leave us, leave us; American’s go home to America.” The citizens of other countries are telling the American citizens, “Leave us.” America no longer has friends.

 America and England deposited their little brother, Israel, on foreign soil, Palestine, which is Arab land. They deprived the Arabs of their own land and sent them into exile. This injustice against the Arabs is now costing America the power and authority that she once exercised in the East. She is on her way out of the Near East. This means bloodshed and plenty of it.

 In the Near East, there stand navies which are neither American nor British…they are there to drive America out. The skies over there are beginning to thicken with foreign planes, carrying deadly weapons, guns and bombs. They will not be satisfied as long as Israel is in Palestine. The boil has come to a bursting point. We are in a troubled world. We are in a world that is now erupting.”—–pgS.170,171,172…OF ,”THE FALL OF AMERICA,……..

NOW THINK OVER THE ABOVE QUOTE WITH THIS:  ” US hegemony in Middle East is ending

Talk of a Middle East cold war is inaccurate – Russia and Turkey are simply capitalising on the region’s new power vacuum

US hegemony in Middle East is ending

Talk of a Middle East cold war is inaccurate – Russia and Turkey are simply capitalising on the region’s new power vacuum

Recep Tayyip Erdogan Turkey’s prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is seeking influence and markets for Turkey’s expanding economy. Photograph: Adem Altan/AFP/Getty ImagesA recent arms deal between Russia and Syria has raised the prospect of a new cold war in the Middle East. Foreign Policy’s Josh Landis, for example, suggests that unconditional US support for Israel will draw Moscow back into its pre-1989 role as supporter and arms supplier for the enemies of Tel Aviv and Washington.

Yet Russia’s return to Syria, whether it be the sale of MiG-29s or building a naval dock on the Syrian coast, is not the action of a superpower challenging US hegemony as it was in 1945-89 but rather an assertive regional power taking advantage of the emerging power vacuum in the region. Instead of a new bi-polar cold war, regional powers such as Russia and Turkey are increasing their influence at the United States’ expense.

The idea of a new cold war has gained currency in some quarters for the wrong reasons. Syrian president Bashar al-Assad himself told La Repubblica last week that “Russia is reasserting itself. And the cold war is just a natural reaction to the attempt by America to dominate the world”.

In the same interview he asserted that there was a new triple alliance between Syria, Turkey and Iran – part of a “northern alliance” that Damascus has been trying to construct against Israel and the US – with Russia now cast in the role as superpower benefactor.

As leader of a small power attempting to defy the global hegemon, it is in Assad’s interests to exaggerate the strength of such an alliance. Yet no such cohesive united bloc actually exists. Russia is pursuing a realist regional agenda, ensuring it can maximise its influence without unnecessarily confronting the US – a cornerstone of Dmitry Medvedev’s foreign policy. A recent spat with Tehran over Russian support for Washington’s new UN sanctions on Iran hardly suggests a united anti-American/anti-Israeli front.

Turkey, too, is not tying itself to any camp. Damascus may regard Ankara’s rekindled relationship with Iraq, Iran and Syria as crucial for any new alignment, but Turkey’s “zero problems with neighbours” policy is not limited to those states on its southern border. Turkey is seeking influence and markets for its rapidly expanding economy across the region, including Israel.

Though prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s rhetoric has been increasingly populist and anti-Israeli since the Gaza war of 2008-2009, the deep commercial, economic and military ties between the Turkish and Israeli establishments show no signs of receding. Like Russia, Turkey is pursuing its own interests by asserting its influence in the whole Middle East, not just as the lynchpin of an anti-America/Israel bloc.

Yet even though the return to cold war bi-polar blocs in the Middle East is unlikely, the region’s international relations are changing. US power is waning. Though Washington remains the world’s only superpower, the quagmires of Iraq and Afghanistan have exposed the limits of US ambitions, while the economic crisis has forced the Obama administration to focus energy elsewhere.

While the Bush era saw the US hegemonic in the region, squeezing the defiant few like Syria and Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, today’s Middle East sees a power vacuum led by partial US retreat being filled by assertive regional and middle powers. Turkey and Brazil’s recent nuclear deal with Iran typify this emerging new climate……..HERE’S MORE

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