Erdogan to Israel: Don't test our patience


Erdogan to Israel: Don’t test our patience

Turkish prime minister calls IDF’s operation against flotilla to Gaza ‘massacre’, ‘state terror’, ‘piracy’; says Israelis must pressure gov’t to cease such acts

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Published:  06.01.10, 14:23 / Israel News

 Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on the international community not to accept an independent Israeli investigation into the lethal operation against the “Freedom Flotilla” to Gaza. He called the IDF action a “massacre” and warned Israel not to test Turkey’s patience. During a speech before the Turkish parliament in Ankara, Erdogan said the flotilla was legal, and the operation against it was a violation of the spirit of the UN. He added that the unjustified attack against the flotilla was “a blow to world peace and against international law.”………HERE’S MORE

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