North Korea cuts lines with South


   IT IS ESCALATING FAST AND FURIOUS; ” North Korea cuts lines with South

Some 46 sailors were killed in the sinking incident.
North Korea has cut off key communication lines with the South, as tensions show no sign of easing on the troubled Korean peninsula.

Seoul’s Unification Ministry said Wednesday that the disconnected lines include links between the maritime officials of the two countries, AFP reported.

North Korea also threatened to close the last road link with the South.

Pyongyang has also warned it will block South Korea’s access to a border zone if Seoul resumes what it called its ‘propaganda broadcasts.’

The move comes a day after North Korea threatened to cut all ties with the South. South Korea has responded by stopping all trade relations with the North.

The tensions are rising over Seoul’s claims that Pyongyang sank its warship in March, killing 46 sailors.

Seoul says the torpedo was fired from a North Korean submarine. The North, however, has rejected the claim as “smear campaign,” insisting the allegations are ‘equivalent to a declaration of war’.

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