" President Evo Morales: "US Plotted Coup in Bolivia in 2008"


THIS COMES COURTESY OF (GLOBAL RESEARCH); ” President Evo Morales: “US Plotted Coup in Bolivia in 2008”

Bolivian President Evo Morales has accused the administration of former US President George W. Bush of trying to topple his government in 2008.

According to Morales, Spain’s main center-right political party, People’s Party (PP), was also informed about the 2008 coup plot and provided financial aids for the coup at the time. 

“According to a report quoted by different media, the PP through a foundation financed not only the coup d’etat but separatists in Bolivia,” Spanish national radio quoted him as saying on the sidelines of an EU-Latin American and Caribbean Summit in Spain.

However, PP secretary general Maria Dolores rejected the claims, saying they were “an example of the international allies the Spanish Socialist Prime Minister Rodrigo Zapatero has, and who come to Europe to insult the Spanish.”

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