Brazil-Turkey Deal with Iran Undermines Big Power Politics


  THIS ARTICLE COMES COURTESY OF ANTIWAR.COM: ” Brazil-Turkey Deal with Iran Undermines Big Power Politics

by Thalif Deen

When Brazil and Turkey clinched a deal with Iran over its disputed nuclear program last weekend, the two non-permanent members of the Security Council not only challenged the unbridled political power exercised by the five big powers but also jeopardized U.S. plans for a unanimous resolution imposing sanctions against Tehran.

As a result, the 15-member Security Council now remains split, with at least two countries — and possibly more — lined up against a U.S.-inspired resolution against Iran. 

The Brazil-Turkey initiative, which has undermined the upcoming resolution likely to be adopted next month, has also triggered implicit political threats against the two “renegade” countries. 

According to unnamed government sources both in Europe and Washington, Turkey’s longstanding attempts to join the European Union (EU) are likely to be derailed further. 

And so would Brazil’s plans to join as a permanent member of the Security Council (along with Japan, Germany and India). ….HERE IS MORE

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