Here in America we can see nothing but the fall of America



HER IS AN EXCERPT FROM,”THE FALL OF AMERICA,” CHAPTER40 ,pgs.170,171; ” The destruction and fall of the world that we have known is now without a doubt, in process. When we refer to the world, we are referring to the world of the white man, for the world of the Black man has yet to come in.

 The world of the Black man, by divine guidance, is now merging in on the old world of the white race. This makes the destruction and fall of the world of the white man imminent.

 Here in America we can see nothing but the fall of America. It is no secret. It is obvious to the eyes that are open. If we want to close our eyes and minds and claim that we do not see and understand, then we will be falling ourselves.

 This refusal to see is fool-hardy for regardless to how we may desire to see the old world stand, we do not have the power to stave off the destruction that causes the world of the white man to fall.

 The destruction and power that is bringing about the fall of the world of the white man is coming from Allah (God). In the past history of the world of the white man, there never was a time of destruction of his world like the present time.

 It is useless for you to try to prevent the fall of the white man’s world. There is no checking it. The white race has not tried to do the right thing…justice. The doing of justice would have checked her fall (Bible, Jeremiah). But America was never willing; and even at this hour she is not willing to do justice by those whom she has mistreated. She has dealt injustice to her Black once-slave for the nearly five hundred years that she has been in the Western Hemisphere.

 America has constantly burdened the poor Black slave with every evil that she could imagine. Her evil scientists who have invented more and more evil practices have not been able to invent anymore evil than that which they have already put out.

 Day and night without a let-up the white man mistreats the poor Black slave. Now since heaven and the God of Peace, Justice, Freedom and Equality has come to the Black slave, the white man is trying to make everyone that recognizes the truth deviate from it.

 The white man says,” Do not accept it.” He makes the Black man a hypocrite against his own salvation. The white man trails the ones who have not as yet accepted the truth of their salvation, and he promises them that which he will never be able to fulfill.

 America is falling. She is now losing the power and authority that she was enjoying in foreign lands. Her fall is very visible. Wherever her authority has been exercised the people are now crying out in one voice, “Leave us, leave us; American’s go home to America.” The citizens of other countries are telling the American citizens, “Leave us.” America no longer has friends.”——-NOW LOOK AT THE LATEST NEWS AROUND THE WORLD:

 ” Japanese form human chain at US base

Activists form a ‘human chain’ around US Futenma airbase during a demonstration on the Japanese island of Okinawa.
Thousands of people have formed a human chain around the Futenma airbase on the island of Okinawa to protest the US military presence in Japan

Some 17,000 protesters called on Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama on Sunday to move the controversial facility out of Okinawa, Kyodo news agency reported.

The rally comes just days ahead of a visit to Japan by US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton.

The relocation of the Futenma airbase is at the center of a dispute between Washington and Tokyo. ” 

Hatoyama had promised to move the base off Okinawa by the end of this month. However, local media say the government has abandoned the deadline and is now seeking to settle the feud by November.

The islanders have suggested that the Futenma base should be moved off the island of Okinawa or even outside of Japan altogether.

The Futenma airbase has been used by the US since the final days of World War II. Some 47,000 US troops are currently based in Japan, with more than half of the soldiers stationed in Okinawa.

Hatoyama’s failure to move the base will endanger his weakening ruling coalition. The issue has threatened the political future of Hatoyama with both Washington and his political allies putting him under pressure to find a solution to the deadlock.

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