" Fall and Rise of Nations "


The Fall of America


                                  ” Fall and Rise of Nations “

” The title of this chapter is taken from the 13th Chapter of the Holy Qur’an entitled “The Thunder.”

 We have past histories that teach us of the fall and rise of many nations. However, in this day — after this destruction of the nations, there will be no rise of these destroyed nations because Allah (God) Who came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad to Whom praises are due forever, will destroy those who cause evil to spread far and wide. He will destroy those who love to make war on others, as it is written, Ps. 68:30.

 During the whole time of the mischief-maker (devil) — six thousand years on our planet — there has been one war right after another. There has never been any peace among them. You cannot live with them in peace. Peace was never in the nature of the white race.

 The white race was made to destroy the peace from the earth and they have just about destroyed the peace from the earth. The Bible, Isaiah, as it is written, “The people know not the way of peace.”

 Why should peace-lovers want a world to live in where there is no peace? If peace can be established, the nations want peace, but they cannot have peace until the power of the peace-breaker has been broken.

 America is angry over the possible freedom of her Black once-slave to go for himself and to set up self-independence. America is angry and does not want the Black slave to seek some other nations to help him.

 There are other nations whose populations run into hundreds of millions of people and these hundreds of millions of people of other nations have sympathy for the Black man in America. They hope to help the Black man in America to be free to go for self, while white America is working with all of her might in order to prevent the nations from giving any aid to the Black Man in America.

 If other nations give Black man in America any aid, white America wants to hinder us.

 A people who are that wicked against the Black slave, whom they have had for four hundred years — Allah (God) should not have any pity on His destruction of them — nor should the nations of earth pity white America, because white America is wicked beyond your and my imagination.

 White America turned the world into evil, filth and indecency. You cannot go out into the streets accompanied by your decent families without your being made ashamed of the work of the white man. He has made it lawful for people to go nude if they want to do so.

 It is a dangerous world for a person who loves to live in peace and who desires to keep his own property as well as his life — it is a dangerous world.

 The rise of ancient Babylon — with her persecution of the righteous among her and with her hatred of the Jews and their religion — Babylon was brought to naught. Is America better than ancient Babylon? No!

 The people of Noah committed the same evil and the same unsightly filth that is going on here in America, today. But, the evil and filth of the present day America, is being committed on a larger scale than that committed in the day of Noah. The people of Noah were drowned and destroyed.

 So it was with the people of Lot. In Sodom and Gomorrah wickedness and filth had become the order of the day. Those wicked people were removed from our planet earth. Is America any better? No! America is worse than that ancient people.

 White America sees that we, the Islamic believers, the Muslims, want to do something for self and our Black kind. But white America opposes us to a degree that she destroys our cattle, our farm instruments and our machinery.

 White America wants to destroy our lives. White America is planning to destroy our lives, but Allah (God) too is planning, and Allah (God) is the Best of the planners. The fall and rise of nations!

 The fall and rise of nations! The quickest way for America to hasten her fall is to try and to mistreat and to do evil to me and to my followers. The quickest way for America to receive her approaching hour (doom) is for America to always to try to find some way to block the success of Allah (God) in guiding me and those who are following me.

 America! As soon as white America learned that we are trying to purchase wholesale quantities of low-priced merchandise from Japan for the benefit of all of my Black people in America — America goes in to make it hard for me and my followers to purchase and to receive anything from outside of America at a lower price than we pay to America. This is evil on the part of America.

 America will have to learn us! America will have to learn that we the Black people in America are the brothers of the Black people, the Brown people and the Yellow people.

 We have many Muslims in these lands and to try to interfere with the success of the Muslims in America, which is coming from Allah (God) Himself — Allah (God) will continue to confuse America; and she will have the loss of her victory in any land and among any people on earth. Fall and rise of nations! “

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