Original Man Know Thyself

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” It is knowledge of self that the so-called Negroes lack which keeps them from enjoying freedom, justice and equality. This belongs to them divinely as much as it does to other nations of the earth. It is Allah’s (God’s) will and purpose that we shall know ourselves. Therefore He came Himself to teach us the knowledge of self. Who is better knowing of who we are than God, Himself? He has declared that we are descendants of the Asian Black Nation and the tribe of Shabazz.

 You might ask, who is this tribe of Shabazz? Originally, they were the tribe that came with the earth (or this part) 66 trillion years ago when a great explosion on our planet divided it into two parts. One we call earth and the other moon. This was done by one of our scientists, God, who wanted the people to speak onelanguage, one dialect for all, but was unable to bring this about. He decided to kill us by the destroying our planet, but still He failed. We were lucky to be on this part, earth, which did not lose its water in the mighty blasting away of the part called moon.

 We, the tribe of Shabazz, says Allah (God), were the first to discover the best part of our planet to live on. The rich Nile Valley of Egypt and the present seat of the Holy City, Mecca, Arabia.  The origin of our kinky hair, says Allah, came from one of our dissatisfied scientists, 50,000 years ago, who wanted to make all of us tough and hard in order to endure the life of the jungles of East Asia (Africa) and to overcome the beasts there. But he failed to get the others to agree with him.

He took his family and moved into the jungle to prove to us that we could live there and conquer the wild beasts, and we have. So, being the first and the smartest scientist on the deportation of our moon and the one who suffered most of all, Allah (God) has decided to place us on the top with a thorough knowledge of self and his guidance.  We are the mighty, the wise, the best, but do not know it. Being without the knowledge, we disgrace ourselves, subjecting ourselves to suffering and shame. We could not get the knowledge of self until the coming of Allah. To know thyself is to know all men, as from us came all and to us all will return.

 I must keep warning you that you should be give up the white race’s names and religion in order to gain success. Their days of success are over. Their rule will last only as long as you remain asleep to the knowledge of self.  Awake and know that Allah has revealed the truth. Stop believing in something coming to you after you are physically dead. That is untrue, and no one can show any proof of such belief.

 Again, know that Jesus was only a prophet and cannot hear you pray any more than Moses or any other dead prophet. Know too, that this white race was created to be the enemy of black mankind for 6,000 years, which makes their number to be six. That is not your number or mine. We do not have a number, because we have no birth record. Do not let anyone fool you. This is the separation and the War of Armageddon.”

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3 Responses to Original Man Know Thyself

  1. theconsciousbrother

    February 22, 2010 at 11:37 am

    If the stories of the Koran,Bible,or Torah are true then the proof of our origin is false,the proof of our origin is written in stone for 6000 years and counting,there is no correspondence prior to that.The Torah,or Old Testement was conveyed and imposed by the Greeks Ptolemys in the first century BCE Cleopatra,her brother and Father. Historically there was no such country as Israel before 1949.No historical biblical Patriarchs that coincides with our written history.Who are we to believe the unchanging Medu Netcher(Word of God) a correspondence written by our blood or constantly revised paper conveyed to us by Persains,Greeks,Roman,and Englishmen? All of these are perversions of the Medu Netcher without the Understanding of the Doctrine of the Word which is symbolic knowledge.The symbol that you display tell me and the Most High who you serve.Tell me why does your Islamic flag display a pentagram the Satanic symbol which is also US symbol also the Christian symbol of penta-cost a spirit that arrived 50 days after Christ supposed ascension.Man get you some symbolic understanding.Hotep

  2. hiram1555

    February 20, 2010 at 5:12 pm

    how can you find…if you have not looked.you got a little knowledge of some past egyptian religion(without understanding & without the knowledge of your history) and have become a fool.

  3. theconsciousbrother

    February 20, 2010 at 4:19 am

    As a Kemetic Being I find this analysis idiotic.No Abrahamic religion has any historic truth.Truth Moses,Solomon never
    exsisted in history nor Israel.All spirituality eminates from the Metuneter and without Symbolic understanding there is no understanding.Hotep

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