“America Surrounded with The Judgment of Allah”

——————————————————————————– (THE FALL OF AMERICA)”The four great judgments that Almighty Allah (God) is bringing upon America are rain, hail, snow and earthquakes. We see them now covering all sides of America, as the Holy Qur’an prophesies curtailing on all her sides. And these judgments would push the people into the center of the country, and there they would realize that it is Allah (God) Who is bringing them and their country to a naught.

Job, in the Bible, prophesied that Allah (God) has the snow and ice to use as His weapon in the day of war and battle against the wicked. We hear and read in the newspapers today of how great, hill-like, little mountains of snow are pushing down from the north not only in the northern states of Minnesota, North and South Dakotas and Montana; but now the snow is in the New England States and they are declared to be disaster areas. The announcer of the disaster of snow in the New England States said that there have never been such great quantities of snow. All up and down the coast to the Carolinas, the rain takes up where the snow leaves off. All around the Southern Border of America, storms are raging. There are tornadoes and heavy rains and more storms are on the way – one right after another. And in the North and Far West and in the East, America is surrounded with the judgments of Allah (God). There are earthquakes and the sea is raging. The Pacific Ocean is now angry and is raging and tossing up great waves as never before.

 Why should these things hit America? The Revelations teach you why. It is because America is filled with devils and has such unclean persons living in America. That is true under the symbolism of a hateful bird. Every filthy, slimey, wicked person comes here for a haven, where he can do any wickedness he wants to do — the country is open and welcomes that type of person.

 As we see — the few little Muslims, whose name, Muslim means those who have submitted to the will of Allah (God) — how the enemy hates us and seeks to do all the evil he possibly can against us, by falsehood. These are not the days of Noah, Lot and Abraham, nor are these the days of Moses. These are new times, the enemy does not get away in punishing the righteous just because he hates them.

 Allah, the God of Righteousness, is with us and He just Laughs at those who try to fight against Him. He has destroyed whole nations with less than the power of rain, hail, snow and earthquakes. The Holy Qur’an has the record of people even being destroyed by gnats. Allah (God) does not have to have something great. He does not have to go to work and get a block of iron or a mountain and throw it on them. He uses that which is with you, against you.

The forces of nature are great weapons as we see them in play upon America. Storms after storms of snow and ice are rolling in from the North and are pushing great drifts that are just covering up everything. What can you do with a God like that? Job prophesied that Allah (God) has His weapons stored up to use in the day of battle and war with the wicked. He just takes some snow and covers them up.

 The Holy Qur’an says that Allah (God) destroyed people with just cold wind. He froze them. Do you think that you can get away with fighting Allah (God)? No wonder the second Psalms says that He will sit in the heavens and laugh at those who are trying to fight against Him. He will have you crazy. It is true.

 The heads of the governments of the Christian world are confused, and they do not know that they are confused. Why? Because their greatest desire was to confuse us. Now Allah (God) has taken the confusion out of us and put it into them.

 Eat, America. Help yourself to the dessert that you have prepared for us. You eat it. All praises are due to Allah (God) Who came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad. We went to Alabama — and to any state that we go to — we pay a high price per acre of land that our fathers’ labor has already bought for us. Now he wants to kill us if we act humble and peaceful and want to buy back some of our own labor.

 I laugh at some of the things that I hear coming out of Alabama — and not only Alabama, but every other state in the union. They do not know the time in which they are living. Allah (God) is well able to take the country from you and give it to whom He pleases. It is in your Bible, read it for yourself. He took the kingdom from the wicked and gives it to whom He pleases — those who will bring people into righteousness.America is surrounded with the judgments of Allah — the four great judgments of rain, hail, snow and earthquakes and confusion in the heads of state”


Storm warnings as snow bears down on mid-Atlantic


CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A major storm moving up the Atlantic Coast on the last shopping weekend before Christmas threatened to shut down much of the region as officials warned of the potential for up to 20 inches of snow and significant power outages. 

People stocked up on groceries and other staples as the National Weather Service issued winter storm warnings from the Carolinas to New Jersey. 

In Virginia, Gov. Tim Kaine declared a state of emergency in anticipation of the storm, placing the National Guard and other agencies on standby. 

Forecasters expected up to 20 inches of snow through late Saturday in the Washington metro area and the mountains of southern West Virginia and southwest Virginia. They said it could be the most snow in the nation’s capital since a February 2003 storm dumped nearly 27 inches at Baltimore-Washington International Airport. 

Up to a foot of snow was forecast in parts of Tennessee, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. 

Appalachian Power, which serves 1 million customers in Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia, warned of the potential for an extended power outage if wet, heavy snow falls. 

The storm came from the Gulf and drenched South Florida with rain starting late Thursday, leaving flooded homes and stranded drivers. 

In southern West Virginia, Ron Hart’s hardware store had sold out of many supplies after a wind storm last week knocked out electricity for days. On Friday, he was swamped again as customers bought heaters and other storm supplies. 

“People are having to spend money on bare essentials versus Christmas,” Hart said. “Our Christmas sales are considerably down because of what people are having to buy.” 

Jim Weintraub, owner of Ace Hardware in Asheville, N.C., where a foot or more of snow was expected, said he picked up 1,500 pounds of rock salt Friday morning. An hour-and-a-half later, “I’m just about out,” he said. 

But customers were thinking fun, too. 

“I’ve been told we’re the only store around with sleds,” Weintraub said. “As I was driving back up to the store, my wife was calling me and saying, ‘Where are you? People are waiting for sleds!'” 

Some shoppers were trying to get their holiday buying done ahead of the snow. 

“Most of them are coming in this morning to shop before they get snowed in,” said Kayla Mahr at the Bath and Body shop at the River Ridge Mall in Lynchburg, Va. 

Highway crews in Maryland, Delaware and the District of Columbia were spraying brine on heavily traveled roads to help prevent snow and ice from sticking. Delaware crews were to be sent home in the afternoon to rest up for what one official said would be a long weekend. 

Officials urged motorists to be cautious in deciding whether to drive Saturday. 

Amtrak spokeswoman Karina Romero said the railway was putting extra crews on duty, in part to keep ice from forming on the overhead lines that power electric trains. Extra locomotives equipped with snow plows would also be available. 

Some universities in Virginia and Maryland canceled final exams and weekend commencement exercises. 

On the Tennessee-North Carolina line, the National Park Service closed a road through Newfound Gap in the Great Smoky Mountains after it got 4 inches of snow. 

Ski operators were basking in the forecast, as long as motorists didn’t get stuck en route to the slopes. 

“The problem we have is not the customers, it’s our staff getting here,” said Brad Moretz, general manager of North Carolina’s Appalachian Ski Mountain. 

After a warm start to the ski season that delayed openings of many resorts, the storm arrived just in time for Winterplace Ski Resort’s season debut Friday in southern West Virginia. 

“It’s perfect timing,” said Winterplace President Terry Pfeiffer. “With the new snow coming in, there’s not going to be much better skiing.” 

The Coast Guard sent an airplane to fly from North Carolina to New Jersey warning boaters by radio to stay in port if they didn’t have an urgent need to be on the water. 

Elsewhere in the East, church groups canceled Christmas programs, basketball games were called off and Delta Airlines canceled some flights Saturday at the Roanoke, Va., airport. 

The National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning for west Alabama, where rivers were still swollen from heavy rains earlier this week and as much as 3 more inches of rain was possible. 

Associated Press Writers Alysia Patterson in Raleigh, N.C., Suzette Laboy in Miami, Alex Dominguez in Baltimore and Jessica Gresko in Washington contributed to this report. 

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