The Fall of America


The Troubled America: No Peace

 America, in trying to hold her place as the greatest power among the nations of earth, is one of the most troubled countries on earth today.

 The world has never before seen the top rulers of the land leaving their offices to visit nations abroad. The purpose of these visits to foreign countries is to make peace with them after years of troubling them.

 America brought all of her troubles upon herself. She alone is to be charged with being the cause of the troubled world and people today.

 America loves meddling into other people’s affairs. She just cannot stay out of other people’s business, whether they be a two-cents worth soap-box teacher or presidents and kings of countries.

 America’s actions fit the description of the prophecy (Bible) “The beast has eyes around about.” This refers to the mechanical listening devices with which America listens in on other people’s private affairs, as well as her listening in on foreign governmental affairs. This also refers to her powerful telescope.

 America goes abroad and makes war against other people. Then she charges them with making war against her when she is the one who is guilty of the war-making.The Bible says Allah (God) will destroy those who delight themselves in making war.”—————————-————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

“The fall of America is now going on! She is falling! The cause of her fall is universally known, as it was with ancient Babylon. The fall of ancient Babylon was known. The great prophet Daniel, the mouth-speak of God, was in her midst; and his people (the Jews) were enslaved. In ancient Babylon, according to history, during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar, the Jews suffered under the ruthless law of these two kings against the Jewish God, religion, and people. These two rulers of ancient Babylon disrespected everything regarding the sacred religion and worship of Jehovah by the Jews.

 They took Jerusalem and captured the nobels of Israel. They raided and sacked the city and the Jews’ house of worship. They made mockery and shambles of all that stood for Jehovah and the Jews.

 They made mockery of the prophets and the sacred vessels that God had King Solomon make and put in the house of worship of the Jews so that they should be sacred.

 Nebuchadnezzar and his nephew (or grandson according to some historians) Belshazzar gave the Jews no honor and no respect whatsoever. Under both of their reigns, God made an example of them to serve as an example of a future people’s opposition and disrespect of God and His people.

 Master Fard Muhammad, Who is Allah in Person, wants to make it clear that He has chosen the American so-called Negroes to be His people. The truth that He gives to them and they, themselves, are sacred before His eyes and the world of the righteous. Showing disrespect to God and His people is inviting the punishment and doom of God.

 A careful observer or seeker of truth of the time and history being made in these times can easily see how well the history of ancient Babylon, its rulers and its people fits in with the histories of the rulers and peoples of America and England.

 America’s enslavement of the so-called Negro and England’s enslavement of people fit so completely with the history of ancient Babylon that it cannot be denied that the ancient history of the Babylonian empire and people was prototypical of America.

 America wants everyone to believe she is right in her wicked dealings with the people of earth. With her might of arms commanding the high seas and the land around the glove, she wishes everyone to think she is right in building up arms and forts in foreign countries and on their shores a bristling, deadly navy with guns trained on foreign peoples’ towns and cities, as a dare without any cause. This only shows her pride and daring aggressive acts against people who would like to be at peace.

 She has her feet standing on twenty or thirty million Black people, brought out of their native land and people — from their God and their religion — by her fathers and have forced them to remain under her feet of power for the past four-hundred years. She deprived them of the knowledge of self, the white race, their own people and their religion.

 For three hundred years she did not allow them to worship any religion at all — not even her own religion of Christianity. She robbed them of their divine rights.

 Now with her great show of temptation put before the same slaves and the world at large, she should not be surprised to see and feel the hand of God writing her doom on the wall of her government.”—pgs.144-145(THE FALL OF AMERICA)”

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