The Days of Allah


1 We are living in the Days of Allah (God). This means that Allah (God) Is Present and He Is Laying a foundation for a New Government — a Government of Peace and Security for the righteous — a Government that will not be left to the scholars and scientists of this wicked world lest the scholars and scientists of this world try and build the same thing that they have already built; for they do not have the knowledge to build anything.

2 The world (of the white race) is doing what it was made to do — to try the righteous with wickedness and filth. The white race cannot do any better than what they are already doing. So we do not argue and quarrel with the, which they, by nature, are made to do. I repeatedly teach you this — that you cannot change the nature of the white man unless you graft him back into that which he was grafted out of. This is what Jesus means in the Bible Ju. 3:7 in his conversation with Nicodemus. He told him that in order to enter the kingdom of heaven he must be born again because in Jn. 8:44 (Bible), Jesus had condemned all of the white race to be devils, and their father was the devil. There was no good nor truth in the father that made the white race. So when a thing is what it is by the nature in which it was made or created in, you do not change it unless you go altogether back to the material that it (he) was made out of. So this demands a rebirth. Jesus was right — a rebirth — born again, all over. Some of the clergy and the scholars of Christianity take this to be a spiritual rebirth. But it means that the actual flesh and blood that was discussed in this conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus has to be changed. Then when the man has been put back into what he was taken from, the spirit of that which he was put back into will come to him as the spirit to do evil comes to him now in what he is made in. For he was made out of evil. The white man was not made to obey Allah (God) and to seek after His Righteousness. So, therefore, to make the white man one of the righteous, the white man has to take on a new birth — the flesh and the blood has to be changed.

3 The reader must not take it for granted that all people are made of the God of Righteousness. When you have never learned the two Gods you think the God of Righteousness made both evil and good people.

4 Since the white race had the privilege to translate the Bible, they fixed the Bible’s translation not to read in such way as to condemn them as being what they are. That would make people not follow them. They could not trick the people.

5 But let us leave the white race alone for a while and turn to our own Black self. The white race has done what their father made them to do which was to rule for six thousand (6,000) years and rule us under that which was other than Righteousness and Justice because their father did not make them of the essence of Righteousness and Justice.

6 These are the days of the change of worlds since the time of the God of evil and his people is up. The God of Righteousness is now Taking His Place to Reign and He Will Not Accept those of us who are unrighteous.

7 Take a look at the change of names. The Bible teaches us that He Will Accept those who are called by His Name. And some of us are so foolish as to say, “What is in a name?” Everything is in a name. The Bible teaches us that all of these Names of Allah (God) are more valuable than fine gold, because in the Judgment they will save your life from being destroyed.

8 All people who do not have a Name of the God of Righteousness and Justice will be destroyed. Read your Bible; it is there in the last Book. Revelations warns you that all who have the name of the beast are pushed into hell-fire — all of the beast’s disciples or false prophets such as the preachers of the Christian religion and those who are helping the beast to deceive us, as they are deceived. Read your Bible. It teaches us that they were blind teachers who could not Idad a seeing one, nor could they lead another blind one; for they are blind themselves.

9 The Jesus in Matthew (Bible) condemns the clergy — class and even prophesies that they will not receive the understanding of the truth until the very last. It even honors the harlot as being over the preachers and as being more righteous than the preachers of the Christian religion. For the harlots understand and accept the truth when it came to them while the preachers try to condemn the truth and fight against it. Reverend, I would not be in your shoes today even if they were made of gold and diamonds. Christian preachers, the mark and the name (of the beast) referred to in the Bible are only the mark and the name of the caucasian (white) people.

10 Brother preacher, do we see where they are trying to be good? Do not we see what kind of evil world they have set up and which they are trying to maintain teaching your (Black) people to do all kinds of evil, murder, lying, rape, and stealing because they (white people) are like that? Why do not you teach your people against following him and do not follow him yourself?

11 We do not allow a Black Woman to come into our Temple wearing a mini-dress. Why do you let them come into what you call your ‘holy temple’ of God (church) indecently dressed? You are not respecting the God, you are disrespecting Him, when you allow His followers to do all kinds of evil and to go filthily dressed. You do this because you like it yourself.

12 The Holy Qur’an teaches us that the devil leads you only to evil and filth. This is referring to the white race and you see this going on now. Their world is a world of sport and play. All day and all night they try to keep you busy on some sport and some other foolishness such as games of chance.

13 Preachers, you are making a poor job of trying to reform your people. Why do not they come to me? When they come to me, you see a difference in their actions, in their talk and the way that they dress because it is the Spirit and the Power of Allah (God) in the truth that I teach them, and they change themselves.

14 If I were you, I would lay that poison book down which you do not understand, and come and join up with me and we will soon have a new nation here. But as long as you oppose me, you will be spiritually blind until Gabriel blows his trumpet. Remember what the Bible teaches you concerning your seeing and understanding the truth in the Last Day — that the preachers and the priests will be the last to understand because they are the ones who try to condemn the truth and keep others from believing. So Allah (God) Is Just in blinding them so that they cannot see and understand.

15 The Days of Allah (God). These are the Days of The Son of Man and the days of the removal of the old world of evil, filth, and unrighteousness. These are the Days of setting up a clean world under the guidance of the Original People (Black Nation) who were never guilty of doing evil until one of the gods by the name of Yakub discovered the essence of the Black Man to make a white man and Yakub did just that — he made the white man.

16 Now since he has discovered this essence, today we are under the God (Allah) to do away with that very essence in us so that no other man can make another people who are different from us. This will never happen again. That is why you are taught that you will be born again physically. This rebirth is in order to get rid of that wicked material in the very essence of the sperm of the Black Man. This wicked material will not be in the Black Man for any one to use after the removal of the present world and people.

17 You will be caused to grow into a new person and the nature will be different. It will be the nature of righteousness and then we cannot sin. In that kind of rebirth it will be impossible for us to sin.

18 So the days of Allah (God) mean the setting up of a new world and a new people. Allah (God) Will Not even accept the names that we used in the old world.

19 The Holy Qur’an teaches the scholars like this that I am about to write — I say the scholars for the average reader cannot understand it — that after the removal of this world — after twenty (20) years you will not be able to follow and do that which you are now following and doing in this world today. Within twenty (20) years the thought of this world will vanish from your mind. You will not even be able to remember what this world looked like or what went on in it. Your mind will be clean. Ask the wise scholars and scientists. They will agree with me.

20 Do not look for a spirit, a spook, or a formless thing. The formless is what we think in our brain. It is formless until we make a form for it. We cannot use a God or follow a God that is not something like ourselves; for if He Is Not something like ourselves He Cannot Have an Interest in our affairs.

21 Therefore the Bible prophesies and the Holy Qur’an also teaches us that a Son of a Man will Come to us to be the Judge of the Judgment Day. This Son of Man Will Sit As Judge. Why He Is Called the Son of Man will have to be taught to you. Here I do not have the time and the space to teach you why He Is called the Son of Man.

22 The days of Allah (God) means ‘years’ of Allah (God) and not a twenty-four (24) hour day. It means years. These ‘Days’ or ‘years’ of judgment, according to the Bible and the Holy Qur’an, will not run over twenty (20) years. And according to the scientists of Islam the teachings of the Holy Qur’an, which are to be understood, the Judgment is to take place between 1380 and 1400 years after the death of Muhammad, the son of Abdullah.

23 And according to the scholars and scientists of Christianity, they have it just about right too. The time that they say the Judgment will come is based on two thousand (2,000) years after the death of Jesus. This is right. And in the Bible, the Books of Daniel and Revelation, the time is given, if understood.

24 So we use a very quick and simple word that covers all that I have said concerning the Judgment and the Judgment Day or time of the Judgment that we are living in. And these are the days of Allah (God), the God Who Will make a new heaven and a new earth after the removal of this world, god, and people (wicked).

25 I am mighty sure that from what I have said here you will see the very necessity of the God changing our way of thinking and then He will change our name and give us a Name, for we never had a name of our own. All of the names that we have been going in are the names of our slavemaster (white race).

26 Now, Black brother, Allah (God) Demands you to go in your own Nation’s Name. Those who are in the Names of Allah (God) — these Names are telling you their very nature and the Power of God. There are about one hundred (100) Different Names of Allah which take up all of the Attributes of Allah’s (God’s) Power and the Nature of God.

27 The only white people who have a name that is any good are ones who have of these Names of Allah (God). A lot of white people go in the Names of Allah, for there are a lot of white believers in Islam. I have met many of them and they are sincere in their faith. There will be quite a few thousand in America. When the time comes you will learn of them, but you will not learn of them at the present time.

28 Just remember how evil has made you. It has made you foolish and ignorant to the knowledge of good. And you make mockery of good and you worship evil. This is why the Bible calls you blind, deaf, and dumb. Spiritually you cannot see and distinguish truth from falsehood and you are not interested enough in the truth to listen to it. And you are not capable of speaking the language of truth and you do not practice righteous intelligence.

29 All of this was done to you and me by the white race who were not created and made righteous. Therefore they taught us that which is of themselves, evil.

30 We try to teach some of our people Islam who have never heard Islam before. The first thing they want to do is to start making mock of it. That makes you look pretty ignorant to dispute that of which you have no knowledge. This is what we meet with in our people. They dispute without knowledge.

31 Even white people do not dispute with us, for they know Islam. Islam is the Arabic name for the righteous people whom you call Muslim. Accordingly the word in the English language means ‘submission’ — and we add — ‘to the Will of Allah’ (God).

32 The days (years) of Allah — we should be happy to see Him take to Himself to Reign in Justice and Righteousness today since we are the children of the God of Righteousness.

33 For this is what we lack — we are not even free to do Righteousness. As long as we do not know righteousness, there is no such thing as Justice for us. You are justified in this world of the white race for being nothing but a fool.

34 As the Isaiah put it “none called for justice and none sought justice and justice was trampled under foot.” He was so right in his prophecy.

35 Let us unite upon the base of Righteousness. And when we agree to live under the Law of Righteousness we will learn to love each other. We cannot treat each other right unless we love each other. We cannot love each other until we know self.

36 The God Has Raised me from you and in the midst of you to give you the knowledge of self. You will not find me making a mistake in teaching you the knowledge of self. I am so sure of the truth of you and others that I always offer a reward of $10,000.00 if you can find one word wrong that I teach you in the knowledge of yourself.

37 I am not to make a mistake in teaching you, for a mistake in such teaching will put the people into a fisher’s net and you will be cast into hell-fire.

38 The days of Allah. These are beautiful days. He Created you to be the righteous. He Came to you to Bless you and to Give you the Reward of the Righteous. That is why He Forgives you for your sins that you committed with the white people. He Blots them out and He does not remind you of them if you will turn to righteousness. He does not even mention the acts of evil that we did under the white man, for He Charges the white race as making us an evil, and unrighteous, and a filthy people.

39 Let us glorify Allah (God) and Make Him feel happy for visiting us with Freedom, Justice, and Equality and the necessities of life. Do not you think that we should be happy of a God who Gives us what we have been wishing for and striving for all of our lives and which we were never able to get?

40 I say, let us accept Allah (God) and follow His Messenger so that we successfully live in heaven while we live.


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