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By Ahmed K. El-Shabazz

Salaam–In The Name Of ALLAH, The Beneficent, The Most  
Merciful——–“The uncle of W. D. Fard lives un the wilderness of North America,  
surrounded and robbed completely by the Cave man. Therefore, he has no  
knowledge of his own, nor anyone else’s, but his mind travels twenty-four  
billion miles per second, which is considered the average speed of  
thought per second.”—-The Great Mahdi-Master W. D. Fard Muhammad, the 34  
Problem Book, problem #30———-Read carefully the quote from Master  
W. Fard Muhammad concerning the power and speed of thought. Master Fard  
Muhammad came to return the Black Nation back to our Original state,  
both mentally and physically, as we as a people had indeed been robbed of  
the knowledge of our true self.–In said problem #30 the Mahdi says  
that thoughts can travel at 24 Billion miles per-second, He wouldnot have  
made this known to us if it couldnot be use to aid us in our fight for  
freedom. So, this is a power we had, but lost, after being robbed by  
the Cave Man or the so-called White race during our mistreatment under  
slavery.—The Messenger Elijah Muhammad(Peace Be Upon Him) stated that  
the Prophet Isa or Jesus(Peace Be Upon Him) had the Knowledge of Thought  
Power, a power He used to aid Him against the enemy(Jews and the  
Romans). Concerning Isa(Jesus) and His power of thought, the Messenger Elijah  
Muhammad stated that an old Prophet taught Isa(Jesus) how to “tune-in”,  
how to use His mind fully. This was taught to Isa(Jesus) at the age of  
6 years old when He and His mother(Mary) and father(Joseph) lived in  
Egypt, as they had moved to Egypt to escape from the enemy who planned to  
kill Isa at birth.—The mind of Man, the Original Man is a power that  
we have lost, a power we as a people must try to really understand. It  
is a god-like power that the Devil had to remove from us so that he  
could rule over us.—You must understand that the White race had  
uncovered many of the hidden knowledge of the Original Black Man, and he has  
used our own knowledge against us, and the knowlegde he-himself couldnot  
master he kept hidden from us and his own in the so-called Masonic  
Orders.—-To prove my point, here is a quote from Mr. W. W. Atkinson and  
Mr Edward E. Beals’ book entitled THOUGHT POWER or RADIO-MENTALISM  
written in 1922, “….thought is a process or series of processes in which  
energy plays upon the physical mechanism of the brain…..Without brain  
substance and cells there can be no process of energy “thought” such as  
we know by that term….Thought is under natual law and order, and  
maintains a orderly trend and sequence….Thought processes may be  
MEASURED, WEIGHED, AND GAUGED by delicated instruments designed in the modern  
psychological laboratories.”—This is why the writings and the Lessons  
of Master W. Fard Muhammad are so important, as they were designed to  
un-lock our minds, to re-arrange the atoms in our brains so we could  
began to think in our natural state.

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