Interview with a "Blue eyed devil"

We found this part of an interview with writer/musican Michael Knight Muhammad somewhat telling. The Messenger Elijah Muhammad taught that a few whites would turn towards Islam, becoming Muslims by faith, not by NATURE. The Original Nation(The Black Nation) are Muslim by nature!

By shlomo7      Salaam Journal .org

excert of interview w/the author of the book Blue-Eyed Devil: A Road Odyssey Through Islamic America…
KNIGHT: Yea …  
But he ties together the immigrant experience and the African-American experience of Islam.  
  Fard is the starting point, for me,  
of Islam becoming a distinctly American thing.
 I mean, there was stuff before him and there was stuff after him but without him there’s no
Elijah Muhammad,  
 there’s no Malcolm X,  
there’s no Muhammad Ali.  
He created Islam in America.
a record of Caucasian actions are, literally, at my fingertips.
What you call *human nature* is today, the weakest part of man, manisfesting.
No one can, honestly say the Black people were cutting off the hands of people and lynching them for, no good reason BEFORE the White man was on the scene.
There is undeniable, pictorial evidence of Caucasian/Whites doing this.
!!!This is not *racism* but, the truth…!!! 
 KNIGHT: When I was 13, I started listening to Public Enemy and that’s where I first heard about Malcolm and Elijah Muhammad. When I was 15, I read Malcolm’s autobiography.  
And I was getting into all the white devil stuff.
 I get that.  
Just being a white American, I get the white man being the devil.
KGB: What does that mean, in terms of how you see yourself?
KNIGHT: To me, being a devil means what you’ve inherited. Like me, I am who I am. I’m in control of my actions. I have free will. But I didn’t decide my bloodline. That’s something I got handed to me. And, to be white and American, your bloodline is devil. I have Confederate captains in my ancestry. My dad is all into Hitler. Just from talking to my dad, I’m like, *the devil* So, I get that. The best I can do is try to slay that devil that’s in my blood.

That’s what I get out of the Five Percenters. The Five Percenters are an offshoot of the Nation of Islam. They study the same lessons as the Nation. The difference is that the Five Percenters will “teach the devil.” The Five Percenters will make the devil a righteous man. There’s a place in that culture that the Nation of Islam doesn’t allow that the Five Percenters will allow to a certain extent.
KGB: For Caucasians.  
KNIGHT: Yeah. Like, there’s a white Five Percenter named Azrael who took me under his wing. He must be sixty years old and he’s been in this tradition a long time. He named me Azrael Wisdom. In their culture “wisdom” means number two, so he’s naming me “..” He’s giving me a new lineage, better than the one that I get from my Dad. 

Do you realise the importance of this symbol?… 

Mr. Ahmed K. EL-Sahabazz wrote : Brother shlomo7, I did take note of the symbol on the chest of the “BLUE-EYED DEVIL” on the cover of Mr. Knight’s book. This young man  did his homework, and he knows who HE is. He is what we find in English Lesson # C-1, “How many Moslem sons are there in North America?” — ” Approxinately  three million.” The Messenger Elijah Muhammad(pbuh) stated in the THEOLOGY OF TIME that, the WHITE so-called Shriners  or “Moslem-sons”, as Master Fard Muhammad(THE GREAT MAHDI-ALLAH-IN-THE PERSON) called them, are SUPPOSED  to be a MUSLIM. The fact is this ANY WHITE PERSON WHO IS A MUSLIM IS A MUSLIM BY FAITH, NOT BY NATURE, SO ALL WHITE MUSLIMS ARE INDEED “MUSLIM-SONS” The word Mason as in Freemason  really means the “sons of the Moors”. We must remember, there are WISE MUSLIM-SONS and the are the UN-wise Muslim-sons. Just as there are WISE MUSLIMS and Un-wise Muslims.


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