Christianity: The Slave-Making Religion

By Minister Ahmed K. El-Shabazz

IN THE NAME OF ALLAH, THE GREAT MAHDI WHO CAME TO US IN THE PERSON OF MASTER W. FARD MUHAMMMAD,I BEARWITNESS THAT THE HON. ELIJAH MUHAMMAD WAS THE LAST OF THE MESSENGERS(PBUH)———-I first wrote this post  in 2003 , and I felt compelled to re-post this due to our people’s actions. The so-called “Black christians” are very happy to be this devil’s tool in his global white supremacy plans. “The Hon. Elijah Muhammad stated many times that the religion called Christianity”is the whiteman’s religion”, and history backs up Mr. Muhammad. The Hon. Elijah Muhammad was called a “teacher of hate” by many, both black and white. With that in mind let us look at what a leading “WHITE WRITER” stated concerning Christianity.In the book THE WHITE MAN’S DILEMMA written in 1927 by Nathaniel Peffer we find the following:”Now, here in Europe and America, where we take our Christianity with common sense; where the tenet of peace on earth is expected to hold only when there are no enemies; where the doctrine that one cannot worship both God and Mommon is applied pro rata, six days Mammon, one day God; where the adjuration to turn the other cheek is obeyed only when there is nobody who dares to smite; and where we agree that blessed are the meek only if they inherit the earth–here Christianity raises no insuperable difficulties. We have learned to understand each other in these matters as paractical men. But the black or brown or yellow man took his Christianity literally. It was given to him straight out of the Gospels, and without any of the unwritten interpretations we take for granted. And one hesitates to say it, but Christianity as it stands in the Gospels is the most subversive doctrine ever enunciated to mortal man.” The writer’s last statement says all,that Christianity is the “most subversive doctrine ever enunciated to mortal man”, the white man’s religion has enslaved the dark nations. The Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) stated that Christianity is the religion of the Anti-Christ(Dijjal).

– The Hon. Elijah Muhammad wrote in his book THE FALL OF AMERICA, “…..if carefully examined, everything in the religion of Christianity is designed to make a slave out of the Black people. If Christianity was in a wet rag and wrung out, every drop would write slavery for the Black man(p. 200)  Now, some will say Dr. King was a “good Christian” and he lead Blacks in the fight for civil-rights. That is what got him killed! He tried to be a “Christian”, he was not given the “un-written” understanding of the DEVIL’S RELIGION. Mr Peffer writes on page 198 of his book;”That the Christian ideals have never been put into practice goes without saying, and the Christian people have never pretended that they were being put into practice, or could be, or ought to be; in fact, any attempt to translate any one of the ideals into reality has always been suppressed and punished with all the organized force of society”.——– TO THE BLACK “CHIRSTIANS” WHO READ THIS PLEASE COME OUT OF THE RELIGION OF THE DEVILS. IN THE 400 OR SO YEARS HERE IN THE WEST THE WHITE MAN HAS NEVER GIVEN JUSTICE TO US AND NEVER WILL. HE SAYS ONE THING AND WILL ALWAYS DO ANOTHER. HE IS THE OPEN ENEMY OF THE DARK NATIONS AND ALLAH.” You had better re-think following these TOMS who have sold-out our people, who donot teach our people the truth, who speak ill of the Prophets of Allah,acting like their white slave-masters. The way these “negro” preachers speak ill of Allah and His People , you would think they are the black K.K.K. ,maybe they are! 


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