“Foreign worker forced to sleep in bathroom for 2 years

Jerusalem couple arrested for allegedly locking Jordanian foreign worker in their home for two years without proper living conditions. During their investigation, couple claims she stole jewelry and money from them

Eli Senyor Published: 09.13.09, 23:12 / Israel News

A foreign worker smuggled in from Jordan was employed for two years as a maid in Jerusalem’s Shuafat neighborhood. The woman, who was locked in the house and forced to sleep in the bathroom, managed to escape and get her employers arrested.

Israel Police’s Economic Crimes Unit recently arrested a man and women from Jerusalem’s Shuafat neighborhood under suspicions that they held a foreign worker in sub par conditions, and made her, for all intents and purposes, into a servant. They are suspected of having imprisoned the woman in their home for a year and 10 months and forcing her to sleep in the bathroom.

The police investigation revealed that the woman was smuggled into Israel from Jordan under a false identity. She was transferred to the couple, and worked for them in their isolated and fenced-in house. The couple allegedly confiscated her passport and made her into a servant. She worked everyday, without vacation, and without receiving any payment. All that she received in exchange for her work was food and a bathroom in which to sleep.

Throughout the period in which she was being held by the couple, the woman was afraid to escape because her passport had been confiscated and she did not have any money. Her nightmare lasted a year and 10 months, until she recently managed to contact a friend of hers and to escape.

She reached the organization Kav LaOved Worker’s Hotline. The hotline then gave her details to the Saar task force, which deals with economic migrants in Israel.


The investigation team, headed by Police Superintendent Moshe Avital, had difficulty digesting the details of the case at first. However, once they verified the details, they embarked upon a mission to arrest the couple.

During their investigation, the couple tried to place blame on the worker, claiming that she stole jewelry and money from the house. These claims were quickly refuted. Rishon Lezion Magistrates’ Court extended the remand of the husband by four days. The wife will remain in police custody for one more day, and will be released Monday. ”

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